What to expect when you call us and schedule your service

First, give us a call or text

Once you contact us through a call, text, or even email, we will begin to gather the info needed to give you an accurate estimate of your full cost. Usually this is easy to do over the phone, however, sometimes it will require an on site estimate for more complex jobs. We want to be sure and give you a no hassle price that is accurate. 

Next we schedule a visit to clean your windows

When we arrive at your property or place of business, after speaking with you directly , we will walk the property so you can relay any special instructions about the job to be performed. At this time we will review the estimated price to be sure it is correct and give you the actual dollar amount of the job. This is almost always the same as the estimate originally quoted, unless there are add on services you would like to have done at the same time. 

Once approved we can begin

Once we agree on a fair price and time for the window cleaning job, we will either begin right away or come back when you want the service done. Most of the time we can get things done within 2 days. We can even clean your windows the same day you call most of the time if you are in a rush to get things done before a party or having guests. 

Our cleaning process

We usually will start outside, although we can begin in any place of your choosing. The first thinig we normally do is remove your screens , per window as we go for bug screens or all at once if you have the thicker sun screens. We will clean the dirt from your screen, wipe around the frame of the window, clean off the glass surface using mild detergent that is specifically made to clean windows or a pure water method. We then check to be sure there are no streaks left , wipe the frames again, and replace the screen once everything is good an dry. Then we clean the inside, making sure that no drips or bits of water get on anything in your home. 

Once we have everything done

After your windows have been properly cleaned, we will walk through with you to verify that you are happy with the results and to double check that there are no streaks or spots we may have missed. Once you are satisfied with the results we will get you an invoice and take payment unless other terms were agreed apon before your cleaning. 

Our final step

Lastly, we will get a receipt for your service if you need one and gladly schedule your next cleaning so you won't need to worry about figuring that out later. Before we go we will check that everything is back to how it was before we arrive. We leave no trace other than beautiful clean windows.