Cleaning Windows With Purified Water

Deionization of water

At Glasscleaners we like to stay at the forefront of technology and safety when it comes to our industry. Many of you might havre heard about cleaning windows with environmentally friendly purified water and have questions about it. Some of you haven't heard about it at all yet have an interest in utilizing services that use environmentally friendly techniques to avchieve their goals. To clarify this option in window cleaning we are offering the following information to keep our customers up to date woth changes in the world of wondow cleaning .

While not really all that new , cleaning windows using purified water instead of soaps or other chemicals is quickly gaining popularity in the field. Not only is the process better for the environment, but it is also beneficial to the companies that use it day to day. Obviously , a priority is keeping customers happy and emoloyees safe when doing jobs. This technology does both of those things amazingly well , which is why Glasscleaners, LLC is proud to offer this service on jobs that can benefit from this service, which ends up being most of the jobs we do. 

So what exactly is this service and what benefits do we see from it?

First off, pure water cleans exceptionally well compared to traditional methods of cleaning. During the process of making pure water, tap water is put through multiple filters that remove over 99% of all desolved solids in the water. These dissolved solids are made up of different minerals and chemicals that are found naturally in water as well as added during water treatment. They include salts, metals, chlorine, and many other microscopic particles that are invisible to the naked eye. These particles are what cause water to be "hard" and leave spotting behind after water evaporates. By removing them from the water, the water is softened and becomes pure. Once the water is in this ultraclean state ita will actually attract any dirt it comes into contact with. 

The water goes from the hose directly into a carbon and sediment filter, used to remove chlorine and any larger solids that are in the water. Next, it enters the reverse osmosis stage where over 90% of the dissolved solids get removed by forcing the water through a membrane that will trap molecules that are larger than water molecules. This leaves water in an almost pure state. Once that has happened the water goes into a deionization filter that has special resins in it that are positively and negatively charged and attract anything that  might still be in the water and it comes out of this filter in a pure state.

Water does not like being in this pure state so it tries to go back to it's natural state. To do this it attracts any dirt it contacts. By agitating and then rinsing with pure water all the dirt on the window rinses off with the water as it rolls down the glass. This leaves both windows and the surrounding frames cleaner than traditional methods. Customers will see the benefit of cleaner glass and notice that it is also quicker than other methods which can lower costs. 

As a business there are also many benefits, most notably that cleaners can now clean up to and beyond 5 story building without ever having to risk injury by cleaning from a ladder or a lift. While there is a large investment that is made, over time this is also much more economical to the business. 

Glasscleaners is happy to include this service for both commercial and residential cleanings. Most of what we clean can utilize this method of cleaning. There are times when traditional is preferred which we will inform you of if you ask us about this service for your cleaning job.