Our Pricing for window cleaning in Phoenix.

Hard Water/Paint Removal - $5-10/pane

Depending on severity as determined on a individual per window basis. Normal window cleaning does not include this service. Our regular cleaning service only removes what doesn't require special chemicals or a scraper to remove. This will ensure a window as clear as possible with little to no noticeable spots or flaws. 

Standard Price - $5/pane

Incudes: Inside & Outside, bug screen, and track. Sunscreens & Ladder access extra charge. Five day rain guarantee. This is not per pane but pet actual window. This is the best deal. 

Outside Only Service - $3/pane

Window cleaning service Includes: Outside glass & bug screens. Seven day rain guarantee for all residential window cleaning and window Washing. Glasscleaners, great window cleaning in Phoenix. 

Sunscreens - $5

This charge only applies to the aftermarket sun or shade screen material that will cover entire windows, the normal bug screens that cover just the side that opens are always included for free. Power wash the dirt from popular sun or shade screens.

Power Washing/Gutter Cleaning/Roof Washing- $50/hour

Per hour light pressure washing of driveways and walls. Clearing debris from gutters and pressure washing off roofs. Keep the exterior of your home or business looking new by always maintaining it with regular cleanings. 

Solar panel cleaning - $4-6 per panel

We use a four stage filtering system to purify water that we will clean your solar panels with. Only severely neglected panels need any kind of soap or detergent used on them. Over time dirty panels can lower power production by 18-30%. Having them professionally cleaned can save you money and prevent any damage from dirt to the glass surface of the panels. 

Flat-Pack furniture assembly - $50/hour

Ikea furniture

We have experience with assembly of many items sold at Ikea stores. 

Amazon furniture

We can assemble almost anything, if you bought it on Amazon odds are we can build it for you at a savings over getting professional assembly through Amazon.


Does the assembled item get attached to a wall or installed in any way? We would be glad to help with that as well.

Wall mount TV

We can hang your wall mounted tv as well. Save yourself money by having the mount and wiring, or have us get that for you for a small fee. Most installs cost around $100 for parts and labor.


Don't go through the hassle of hanging pictures yourself. We can do this for you as well for a very small fee per item hung.

Light fixture/ceiling fan replacement.

Replacing with the same type of fixture doesn't require a building permit. AZ does however want one to put a fan where a light once was. So long as a permit is not required we can take care of this as well. Need a permit? We can recommend a contractor that can help you out.